Big Gal Yoga by Valerie Sagunbiggalyoga-square

The idea for Fat Girls Hiking was born from the same place as Big Gal Yoga:  a desire to increase visibility for people of all body sizes, races, genders and abilities.  I loved reading about how Valerie got started in her yoga practice, her personal relationship to yoga and a bit on the history of yoga.  I have followed & been inspired by @biggalyoga on Instagram for years.  Now Big Gal Yoga is a book, in my hand, being sold online & at bookstores now.  It’s beyond important for all bodies to be represented in yoga, hiking and other movement communities.  This book is such a gift for us all.

Big Gal Yoga is about how to start a yoga practice at home.  Valerie talks clothes, equipment, mats & inspires the reader with a 30-day yoga challenge with photos & easy to follow instructions.  The message focuses on body positivity, self/body love, how to  accept yourself/body for where it is & what it can do.  Big Gal Yoga shows us how yoga can empower us to celebrate our bodies right now. “The truth is, our big bodies can do so much more that we don’t give ourselves enough credit for how powerful they can be.”  Breath in the refreshing joy of Big Gal Yoga!