Chicago, IL

Chicago now has a FGH chapter!  The area includes:  Chicago, the suburbs, NW Indiana & the Northern Illinois area.  Events for the area will be posted on the main social media pages as well as the Eventbrite page, ‘follow’ Fat Girls Hiking to receive an email whenever a new hike is posted:

The ambassador can be reached at:

We are looking for an additional ambassador at this time.  If you are intersested, please join the chapter for a hike/event & then contact Summer at

Sarah, she/they

Hey y’all, I’m Sarah. FE3C59C3-1919-4167-A382-2663F260289DI’m a lifelong fat, queer, non-binary person who deals with depression & chronic pain, and I love being outside! I grew up in the Chicagoland area and spent a lot of my youth being outdoors, exploring IL and surrounding states with my family (we took camping very seriously). In my late teens thru most of my 20’s, you could say I became a bit more of an indoor cat, until I realized that not spending enough time outside was a serious detriment to my mental health. If I’m being honest, I’ve never felt truly connected to natural spaces in the Midwest. I much prefer the mossy, dense forests of the Pacific Northwest and being anywhere near the ocean. I’m hoping that working on building this community and getting to know the local landscapes in a new way will help me find more places here that feel as magical as ones I’ve found elsewhere. I also feel very strongly about disrupting the dominant narrative that outdoor activities are mostly only for “fit”/white/cishet/fully abled/(usually) men. Nature is for EVERYBODY and it should most definitely be a space where we can all go to decompress (or be a wild thing) without judgement. I’m so looking forward to meeting other folks on this journey, and helping each other find joy as we move our bodies in ways that make us feel good & honor where we are, here and now. See you on the trail!