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Be part of the body & self love revolution where we combine Nature and Self Love. Fat Girls Hiking is a community that was created to inspire you to be seen, be heard and be connected with others.  We have 7 Principles that guide us on & off the trail.  Join our community & post your pictures of adventures, submit self love stories and stay connected.





When we hike, we hone in on the details of our senses & we become more aware of the beauty around & within us. As we traverse the land, our boots leave the weight of the world behind. We find love for ourselves & all our bodies can do for us in the outdoors.




We started Fat Girls Hiking, in early 2015, we never saw outdoor media that contained women that looked us. There weren’t women of color, fat folks, gender non-conforming or queer people represented anywhere in online outdoor communities. We wanted to see more variety on our Instagram feed but also, we wanted marginalized groups to feel included in outdoor communities & spaces. We celebrate folks of all sizes, races, ages, backgrounds and genders who inspire us every day.



healingNature has a way of healing itself after a devastating event. The marks gradually disappear and new life appears. You see it in the trees when their trunks bear the scars of tragedy but its branches flourish new leaves. You see it in the cracks of a desert when it has been deprived of water but a rainstorm quenches its thirst and revitalizes the land if even for a short time. Just as Nature is resilient, so are we. Nature helps us combat anxiety & depression. To walk in the forest, one can calm rumination. The sights & sounds of the wilderness brings us back to a humble place where the problems in the city, in our head and in the world can be healed, when we hike. And when we leave the trail, we bring part of that healing energy back to the world.



We learn to listen to the land, to preserve the sacredness and beauty of natural spaces by leaving no trace. We must respect the unpredictability of nature & not attempt to control it. These places are habitats that plants, animals & people need; that future generations rely upon. People, as diverse as the landscapes around us, deserve the same respect. When the land or its people are threatened, together we stand up and fight.






We feel empowered when we uncover strengths we didn’t even know we had. We never thought we could climb mountains, but we do. On group hikes, when we witness others overcoming a fear, pushing past their comfort zone, asking for help or even vocalizing their need to stop: those are the most empowered moments for us. We empower others to find their place on the trail.






The first group hike we had, only 2 people came. And our next group hike no one came, but we hiked on. Now, our group hikes have grown & we see familiar faces every month. It’s been amazing to build an online community for folks who feel unrepresented in outdoor media but it’s been even more rewarding to get together every month with folks who want to hike. The connections we’ve made with people on the trail have inspired & empowered us. Community is about gaining strength from the unique tools others have to share. The perspective we each bring to the community adds a rich diversity that includes everyone.



Expectations for how we are supposed to look, act, and behave hold us back from experiences that can enrich our lives. Stop waiting for perfection, you are already perfect just as you are. Stop looking for the right time to do the things you want to do. Go outside of your comfort zone. Seize the moment. Make life an adventure!