Looking for gear that fits? We want to celebrate small(er) businesses & brands that are making gear.  Here are some of our favorites:

IMG_5927Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles

“I experience pain in my feet, back and knees while hiking.  Trekking poles give me a lot of support on a trail.  With trekking poles, the foot pain I feel when hiking up in elevation is decreased & mostly eliminated, as well as the knee & back pain I feel when going down in elevation. Trekking poles make going up or down in elevation easier on my body because I’m using the muscles in my core to support my movement.  It’s kinda like when you hold onto a railing when going up or down stairs.  Also, it’s nice to lean on the poles when I stop to catch my breath OR using the poles to stretch my lower back.  The thing I love most about trekking poles is that they make nature more accessible to me with the capabilities of my body.  I didn’t think I could do this strenuous hike in Canada (pictured here) with the body pain I usually experience while hiking.  With the help of these trekking poles and a lot of breaks to catch my breath, I did slowly make my way to the lovely Middle Jofree Lake.

In addition, while hiking in bear country, using trekking poles gives me an extra element of security (in addition to my bear bell & bear spray.)  These Montem telescoping poles can be adjusted based on height, are lightweight and have comfortable cork grips that feel secure on any type of trail.” –Summer, Fat Girls Hiking founder