Los Angeles, CA

We are so excited to announce as of July 2018, we have a FGH Los Angeles chapter! Our amazing ambassador & hike leader is Kelly. She can be reached at fatgirlshikingLA@gmail.com! All LA-area hikes/events will be posted through FGH social media with links posted here: EVENTS

We are so grateful to Alma for being such an amazing ambassadors & leading hikes. Alma has moved on to other opportunities & is no longer an ambassador. Thank you so much Alma for all the work you did for FGH LA!

We are now looking for a second ambassador to co-lead/organize with Kelly. If you are interested, join Kelly on one of the LA area hikes & chat with her about being a co-ambassador.

 Kelly, she/her


Hey! My name is Kelly, I am from Pasadena, CA and I am so excited to join the Fat Girls Hiking community as an ambassador! I grew up going to the beach every summer and camping trips here and there throughout the year. My mom and I have always loved bird watching, and I appreciate her for facilitating my love of nature.

I love everything about this natural world (my friends even call me Mother Earth), but if I had to pick some favorites, I would say: sunsets, birds and flowers. Also, if I can watch a sunset while sitting in a jacuzzi, sipping wine – then I am in heaven! This combination doesn’t happen too often, but when it does, it is magnificent.

I haven’t done a ton of hiking in my life, so I am super excited to get out there and explore! I proudly consider myself a hiking noob. (“noob” is a term I learned from my 8 year old son who lives and breathes the minecraft universe). Hiking is therapeutic and makes me so happy.  I think it is fascinating what our bodies can do and where they can take us. I enjoy learning something new about myself or the world every time I go on a hike. I truly can’t wait to meet more of the amazing people in this community and share some glorious hiking experiences!