Los Angeles, CA

Our LA ambassadors can be reached at fatgirlshikingLA@gmail.com.

All LA-area hikes/events will be posted through FGH social media and on Eventbrite: EVENTS


Kelly (she/her)


Hey! My name is Kelly, I am from Pasadena, CA and I am so excited to join the Fat Girls Hiking community as an ambassador! I grew up going to the beach every summer and camping trips here and there throughout the year. My mom and I have always loved bird watching, and I appreciate her for facilitating my love of nature.

I love everything about this natural world (my friends even call me Mother Earth), but if I had to pick some favorites, I would say: sunsets, birds and flowers. Also, if I can watch a sunset while sitting in a jacuzzi, sipping wine – then I am in heaven! This combination doesn’t happen too often, but when it does, it is magnificent.

I haven’t done a ton of hiking in my life, so I am super excited to get out there and explore! I proudly consider myself a hiking noob. (“noob” is a term I learned from my 8 year old son who lives and breathes the minecraft universe). Hiking is therapeutic and makes me so happy.  I think it is fascinating what our bodies can do and where they can take us. I enjoy learning something new about myself or the world every time I go on a hike. I truly can’t wait to meet more of the amazing people in this community and share some glorious hiking experiences!

Christina (she/her)



Hello fellow FGH hikers! I’m thrilled to be part of this community and very much look forward to enjoying the great outdoors with you all.

I’m from So. Cal originally and am pretty much a city girl who appreciates nature and longs to spend more time among the trees. My interests/hobbies are travel and exploring new-to-me cities, mycology (inspired by interesting finds along the trail), photography, all things mid-century furniture and architecture (I love a good flea market), perusing used bookstores and library sales, and reading. Lots of reading.

My family wasn’t particularly athletic or outdoorsy. Our camping trips were enjoyable yet few and far between. My love of nature, movement, and just pausing to listen and appreciate my surroundings is such a pleasant, welcome surprise.

Like many people, I’ve struggled with depression, anxiety, and…waiting. Waiting until I reached a certain weight-loss goal, or until such and such happened, or (yep) waiting for that certain someone to come along. It wasn’t until the loss of a very close family member that something shifted and I realized that all that waiting was a waste of precious time. My time. The only thing worth waiting for was me. In the past, I chose to deal with grief through a lot of unhealthy coping mechanisms. This time I made a promise to myself to treat me better and with more gentle care and understanding. It was a real “coming to Jesus” awakening and my only regret is that it took such a deep loss to open my eyes.

I now do all the activities that sounded so fun but I allowed myself to be intimidated by like hiking, yoga, and tennis. I’ve even started participating in 5K races! I’m still working on accepting myself and where I am in the now, but being outdoors has done wonders for my mental health and my spirit.

I cannot express how helpful and liberating it has been to a part of Fat Girls Hiking. I joined my first FGH hike on a trepidatious yet what-the-heck New Year whim and was surprised by myself and my body. Before I knew it through encouragement and friendly camaraderie I had hiked to our destination. I mean, I never thought I’d be a hiker, but I am and I love it. Becoming an FGH LA ambassador is my way of paying it forward to someone else who may be waiting.