Manchester, NH

Manchester, NH now has a FGH chapter!  Hikes & other events for the area will be posted on the main social media pages as well as the Eventbrite page, ‘follow’ Fat Girls Hiking to receive an email whenever a new hike is posted:

Roxanne can be reached at:

We are looking for an additional ambassador for the Manchester, NH chapter to co-organize with Roxanne. If you are interested, chat with Roxanne on one of her hikes & email Summer at for more information.

Roxanne, she/her

Hi, I am Roxanne (she/her/hers) I am a fat, flamboyant, and bisexual.  I grew up getting lost in the woods around my house in rural NH.  I love being in nature, near moss and around ferns.  At some point though, being fat made me self-conscious in outdoor spaces.  I claimed I didn’t like hiking.  But in reality, I did not like the pressure I put on myself.  Whenever I hiked, I felt a need to be fast in order to prove myself because of my size.  It was exhausting and stressful to hike with other people.  So, like many things, I used weight as reason why I could not participate in something.  Luckily, I’ve realized that being fat is no reason not to do what I love.  I hike at my pace with no shame.  I wear clothing I like (bring on the horizontal stripes) and strive to live comfortably in my body at any size.  Being outdoors is an important part of my mental health hygiene and I am so stoked to help FGH come to NH because hiking is such a huge part of life in the granite state.  I want to help people who feel unwelcome in outdoor spaces to thrive and feel comfortable taking up space in nature.