Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh!  We are so excited to have a FGH chapter in your city!  Hikes & other events for the area will be posted on the main FGH social media pages as well as the Eventbrite page, ‘follow’ Fat Girls Hiking to receive an email whenever a new hike is posted:  https://www.eventbrite.com/o/fat-girls-hiking-8629131029

The ambassador can be reached at:  fghpittsburgh@gmail.com


Amanda, she/her

In Western Pennsylvania born and raised, in the country is where I spent most of my days… which is probably why I like being outdoors so much and think that those experiences should be accessible, inclusive, and comfortable for everyone.


My name is Amanda, and I am truly honored to be part of the Fat Girls Hiking Pittsburgh Chapter. I come from a family that does outdoorsy activities, but I have always been excluded from things like hikes and fishing trips because, “it isn’t ladylike,” and, “you’ll never make it back up the hill.” That is, was, and always will be a bunch of malarkey. The outdoors shouldn’t be intimidating, and no one should be in the business of excluding others from accessing and enjoying it. I am excited to work with an organization that strives for inclusion, promotes diversity, and is body and ability positive.

I can’t wait to hit the trails (and wherever else) with FGH Pittsburgh.