Spokane, WA

Eastern Washington!  We have a Spokane chapter as of October 2018.  All Spokane area hikes will be posted on EventBrite.  “Follow” FGH on EventBrite to receive an email any time a hike is posted. Andrea can be reached at fghspokane@gmail.com



I was born and raised in Spokane. For 10 years I wandered around moving from Denver to Olympia to DC and have now returned to Spokane where my husband, Dan, and I are fixing up a home from 1930 and caring for our 9 cats and 1 dog, with a rotating door for local foster kittens in need.

I was a wild child, screaming “watch me run mama!!” And I would whip around the yard running as fast as I could!  In middle school the family gene set in and my knees began to dislocate, didn’t matter what I was doing: sitting down at my desk in school, stocking shelves at my first job it didn’t matter I lost all trust in my body and I stopped moving my body.

My husband loves hiking, he grew up wandering through the woods and exploring and he incited a curiosity in me to try it for myself.  I remember balancing across my first fallen tree across a small creek and the excitement that exploded inside of me saying “well damn, what else can I do?!” And I never want that feeling to stop!!

Today I define my self-care as going somewhere I have never been or doing something I have never done!  Not only do I think Spokane needs and deserves a Fat Girls Hiking community but I think Spokane needs and deserves a community that is safe for absolutely everyone! I am a playful person and I am so excited to get outside and play with you!