SW Ohio

SW Ohio now has a FGH chapter!  The area includes:  Cincinnati, Dayton & Columbus!  Hikes & other events for the area will be posted on the main social media pages as well as the Eventbrite page, ‘follow’ Fat Girls Hiking to receive an email whenever a new hike is posted:  https://www.eventbrite.com/o/fat-girls-hiking-8629131029

The ambassadors can be reached at:  fghswohio@gmail.com.




My name is Lindsay and I am super excited to be serving as a FGH ambassador for SW Ohio. Growing up, I was raised by a very outdoorsy family that loved camping and being in the woods but as I got older and larger, I became more self-conscious about my body and how most of the people I saw outdoors didn’t have bodies like mine. It wasn’t until I had daughters of my own who expressed an interest in getting outside that I realized how important it was to embrace both my body and my love of nature. I started seeking out more body-positive women who embrace being active in a larger body, like Brandi Hikes and Jessamyn Stanley and found that I was not alone! There is a whole community of us fat girls that love getting outside and hitting the trails, and I can’t wait for you to join us!


I love hiking because you don’t need a bunch of expensive equipment to do it. Just put on some comfy shoes and start walking! I find that being in nature helps ground me and gives me new perspectives. I’ve struggled my entire life with feeling uncomfortable in my body. Its only been in the past couple years that I decided to quit trying to deal with this by dieting, and instead I celebrate my body and what it can do, as is. The forests and the mountains that I love? They are large and unafraid to take up space, and so am I.
I love traveling and learning new things. I’m passionate about looking at mountains and making this world a better place. I’ve been an organizer for a post-Women’s March grassroots activism group, and I am excited to use those experiences to create inclusive and encouraging spaces on our hikes with Fat Girls Hiking!