We are so excited to have our very first FGH chapter outside of North America in Sweden!  Sanna is our Sweden ambassador and can be reached at fghsweden@gmail.com

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Sanna (she/her)


I’m so excited to become an ambassador for Fat Girls Hiking and to help the growth of this amazing community. To be able to bring it to Sweden, north Europe, feels great.

I grew up in the north of Sweden in an area of small towns and villages, with cold winters with heavy snowfall and long summer nights with the sun never setting. All kinds of outdoor activities were a part of the every day life of most people around me; cross country and downhill skiing, canoeing and hiking. I had a strong love/hate relationship to this lifestyle, since I loved being outside, but as I grew older I experienced the implications from the world around me, that as a fat child I shouldn’t be doing these activities just for the fun of it, but because people thought I needed to use them as a way of changing who I was. This later led to me distancing myself from these activities and for many years I tried to avoid participating in them. 

A few years ago I found my way back, it had been a long time ago I found the comfort and strength in fat activism and I considered myself a fighter for my right to take up the space I wanted. I felt a strong sense of reclaiming the outdoors as a part of my identity and found joy in finding my way in this identity as a fat outdoors person. I have been quite lonely in this though, not connecting with other fat outdoorsy people – until now!