Knoxville, TN

The Knoxville chapter is currently on hiatus.  (December 2018)

Tamera, She/her


I was born, raised, live and work in East Tennessee and Western North Carolina.  I grew up in a family that enjoyed being outdoors so I’ve had the opportunity to explore a lot and grow a connection to the land.

As a child, I loved playing outside but I was picked on a lot for being fat.  I started my first diet at age 8.  As a teenager and young adult I was still involved with diet culture.  I enjoyed being outside but was always feeling shame about my body.  Often times I would not go hiking or swimming with friends because I was afraid of being embarrassed.  I suffered from depression and began harming myself.  I would do anything and have done everything to lose weight.  I realized diet & weight loss culture were really unhealthy for me & sought out ways to heal from the toxicity.  Acupuncture helped me to end self harming. I read Jess Baker’s book Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls & it changed my life.  Then I found out about Fat Girls Hiking.  I decided then and there that I no longer wanted to wait for “a perfect body” to get out and enjoy life.  In January 2017, I visited Oregon to attend the FGH Snowy Weekend Adventure near Mt. Hood & it solidified my passion to connect with others who feel the way I do.

When hiking or visiting new places I always learn something new about myself and my abilities.  When I’m not working or hiking I enjoy kayaking, music, reading, spending time with my loved ones & having fun with my dogs.  I’m constantly inspired by the featured ladies on FGH & other body acceptance/body neutral/ body positive outlets on social media. On the way to a trailhead I’ve been listening to the Every Body podcast; it is such an inspiration.

If you have a desire to hike or explore the outdoors, I want to inspire you to go for it!  Enjoy the outdoors in the body you have now.  Don’t wait.  Life is short.

Contact Tamera at & check the Events page for hikes / adventures with the Fat Girls Hiking, Knoxville Chapter!