Toronto, ON

We are so excited to have a Fat Girls Hiking chapter in Toronto, Ontario!  To stay up-to-date on hikes in this area, follow FGH on Eventbrite.  To reach the ambassador directly, email:

We are looking for a second ambassador to co-lead/organize in the Toronto area.  Read the ambassador info HERE & Email Summer at for more information.



Audrey is a community educator who has lived in the Toronto area for eight years. She works at doing intersectional feminism at work and everywhere else. She now extends her skills in creating kind, fun and inclusive learning spaces to the local Fat Girls Hiking chapter.

She requires “green exercise” as a way to to recharge after working with young people and women who have experienced a lot of suffering in their lives. She has worked for many years with homeless, street-involved and/or substance-using youth to develop their leadership and promote health. She has also worked with women who have experienced violence as an educator, facilitator and support person. Currently she is in a bit of a career transition and is running women’s empowerment groups.  In her personal time, she loves spending time with nephews, Netflix bingeing, dinner on a patio, long chats with friends and live music.

Audrey loves moving her body outside and wants to do that in community more. In Toronto, she loves the juxtaposition of city and nature: the view of city lights from Toronto Island, the return of snakes and birds and turtles to the old Brickworks on Bayview, smokestacks in the background of an Instagrammable beach picture, the CN tower from everywhere. . . She looks forward to sharing the joys of Toronto’s green space with you while extending Summer’s justice-based vision of inclusive, fat-friendly walks.