Hiking While Fat

By Ginamarie Simpson, guest blogger and FGH Merch Queen “We awake in the dark to hike a very busy trail in Banff National Park.  I read reviews online that talk of tour buses full of people on the Johnston Canyon Trail.  For me, nature is an escape from urban life and people. I seek solitude … More Hiking While Fat

Weight-loss comparison photos hurt your fat friends.

Fat people are oppressed in numerous ways:  we are denied access to jobs, health care, comfortable seating, love, and positive representation in media.  We are also expected to change our bodies to fit into this culture that oppresses us. It exhausts me. It damages my ability to meaningfully give myself care.  But I understand why … More Weight-loss comparison photos hurt your fat friends.

Be Heard: Amy

Amy is a full time nanny from Nashville, TN & enjoys reading, dancing, hiking, traveling, being a plant mom and finding joy in simple things. Amy reminds us that societal norms do not have to be followed to be happy, acceptable and loved. We can find our own paths toward a more loving approach to … More Be Heard: Amy

Be Heard: Ginamarie

Meet Ginamarie: Caregiver, hiker, bestie. Ginamarie reminds us to honor the journey we are on with ourselves and how stepping outside our comfort zone can lead us to heal and overcome the challenges we face. Tell us about yourself. Where are you from, what do you do, what are your hobbies? I’m a 41 year … More Be Heard: Ginamarie

Be Heard: Ceci

    Meet Ceci:  Educator and Outdoor Lover.  Ceci reminds us that there’s a place for everyone in the outdoors, regardless of how we look or how much money we have for gear.  We are all rooted in nature with a body-spirit connection that is amplified when we are outdoors.     Where are you … More Be Heard: Ceci

Be Heard: Ashley

Meet Ashley:  QPOC artist, public health grad student and nature lover.  Whether outdoors alone or with others, Ashley reminds us that self care through nature is important.  Even if we don’t feel represented in outdoor media, we can find outdoor communities that are inclusive.     What were your outdoor experiences like as a kid?  … More Be Heard: Ashley

Be Heard: KT & Heather

Meet KT & Heather: dancers, teachers, creators of Fat-Centric Dance.  KT teaches Body Home Fat Dance, a contemporary & jazz class.  Heather teaches Zaftig Dance in Plus size, a modern ballet class. Together, they are creating inclusive fat positive, body positive dance spaces.     What’s your dance experience/background? KT: Childhood was full of dance … More Be Heard: KT & Heather

Be Heard: Veronica

Each of us has a story to share & we want to inspire others to share theirs. We are excited to introduce Veronica, whom we met on our group hikes. Veronica is an Oregonian that has an infectious laugh that makes other people smile. She is currently participating in the 52-Hike Challenge. We recently caught … More Be Heard: Veronica

Be Heard: Sumr

Medusa.  That’s what they called me in 4th grade.  Apparently, I was so fat & ugly that I could turn my classmates to stone if I looked at them. I grew up in small-town Minnesota, wore garage sale clothes, red Sally Jesse Raphael glasses, and a home perm.  Being bullied had a huge impact on … More Be Heard: Sumr