Plus Size Activewear

Looking for gear that fits?  Plus size activewear for your next hike, yoga class, boxing class or camping trip?  We’ve got you covered! We know there are lots of corporate stores/online sources that include plus sizes for activewear nowadays (awesome!) but we want to celebrate small(er) businesses & brands that are making plus size activewear.  Here are some of our favorites:

Sportive Plus

Canada made activewear & outer wear.  Some items up to 26W.

Summer says, “Finally, a plus size brand that makes technical gear for hiking.  I am obsessed with this rain jacket & hiking skirt.  It keeps me dry & comfortable & BONUS—It’s so dang cute!”

Summer is wearing the Sportive Plus Travel Skirt Odyssée, ZincSportive Plus lined Paspebiac anorak – Navy jacket.



Chic-eez Plus Size Activedress


Summer says, “When I go hiking, I want to wear clothes that are cute, functional and representative of my every day femme style.  I always wear dresses, even when I hike.  I was amazed to discover Chic-eez Plus Size Activedress with sizes up to 4x! The dresses encompass everything I look for in hiking clothing.  It can be a challenge to find activewear in my size & style preference that also has quick dry/wicking fabric.  I took the Chic-eez scoop neck Activedress camping & we both had a great time!  The dress was comfortable enough to wear to the grocery store in the city for my last minute items, kayaking at the lake, as a cover up after swimming, and dried quickly for cozy campfire times in the evening.  It is a truly versatile dress for any activity!”



Superfit Hero


“THE MOST COMFORTABLE leggings/biker shorts I’ve ever worn,” Summer says.  These are not only cute AF, they stay in place (hello, no more yanking up my leggings every 5 minutes), have a pocket on each side/thigh AND the fabric is super soft & wicking.  They have sizes up to 5x. Plus the company is super inclusive!



Fat Girls Hiking Superfit Hero Sponsored Community Announcement Square




Fat Girls Hiking is a Superfit Hero Sponsored Community!  We believe in this brand immensely.  Not only to they make comfortable, cute, functional leggings (with POCKETS!!) BUT ALSO they offer sizes up to 5x & use models of all different body sizes/types/genders.  If other brands want to know how to be more inclusive/diverse in their branding…watch what Superfit Hero is doing.




Rainbeau Curves

snapseed1.jpgRainbeau Curves is created for women to take on every day with confidence and comfort. Sizes up to 5X.  “I got a Dia & Co activewear box that included the Alex Print Bra & absolutely loved the flower fabric, the front zipper, the mesh/strap details on the back.  I wear this bra hiking, swimming & around town.  It’s super cute & comfortable!” Summer says.







Rainbeau Curves  “has cute dresses, leggings, tops & sports bras.  I LOVE hiking in dresses & this one is so cute & comfortable.  This entire outfit easily goes from the trail to town.”






IMG-7390Leggings. Sizes up to 6X.

Summer says, “I’ve been wanting a pair of Bombsheller leggings for YEARS.  The fabric designs are unique & colorful….totally my style.  I finally got a pair!  The succulent line is incredible & I fell in love with these #harshbeauty leggings. The fabric feels amazing on my skin & the quality does not disappoint.  The fit was slightly off for me & the waistband slips down sometimes, causing the dreaded legging yank-up.  Regardless, I would totally recommend these leggings & think Bombsheller offers inclusive sizes & made to order in Seattle.”


Dia & Co

Get the best in plus-size activewear delivered to your doorstep.

I personally really do not like going shopping for clothes.  I do love having new & trendy activewear clothes to hike in though.  So when I learned that Dia & Co was doing activewear boxes, I immediately signed up.  Since then, I have received several boxes from Dia & Co.  I have found many amazing pieces through my Dia & Co subscription box.  It’s really easy to send items back if I don’t like them or they don’t fit.  And by rating the items I don’t like, my stylist is able to find more items that suit my style & budget.  I also paused my box recently when I started traveling to take Fat Girls Hiking On The Road & that was an easy process as well.


Activewear & Performance gear companies I’ve heard good things about but haven’t yet tried.


Decolonizing Fitness

Decolonizing Fitness seeks to reimagine what it means for marginalized folks to engage in fitness/wellness practices that promote healing. We are here to offer a platform of support by providing resources and apparel to all bodies!  Some items up to 4X.

Tomboy X

Amazingly comfortable underwear that fits your body and how you see yourself. We make ethically-produced underwear out of quality fabrics and fit-test on hundreds of bodies, sizes XS-4X, because we think you should be exactly who you were born to be—no apologies.

Juno Active

Plus size activewear. Sizes XL to 6X.

Size Queen Clothing

Plus size designer, Bertha Pearl, can do custom activewear & outer wear.  Sizes L to 8X.


Activewear & triathalon apparel. Sizes L to 6X.

Alpine Curves

Plus size active & outdoor clothing.  Some items up to 5X.

Nuu Muu Exercise Dresses

Activewear dresses up to 3X.

Plus Snow

Ski/Snow apparel.  Sizes 16-28.

Under Summers

Shorts designed to wear under dresses & prevent thigh chafing.  Sizes up to 4X, one item up to 5X.