Q:  Why are you called Fat Girls Hiking?

A:  We are called Fat Girls because that’s who founded this organization, a self-identified fat queer woman, who loves hiking. Fat Girls Hiking wants to take the shame & stigma out of the word FAT & empower it.  Visibility matters!

Q:  What if I’m a guy or gender non-conforming or I’m not fat, is Fat Girls Hiking really for me?

A:  Absolutely! We love connecting & hiking with people of ALL genders, sizes, and hiking skill levels.  We are here to showcase a diverse community & believe that everyone should feel represented in the outdoors!

Q:  What if I’m a slow hiker? Will I hold up the whole group on a hike?

A:  We hike slow too! We set the pace of the group hikes with the slowest hiker.  The hike leader is always the last person.  There’s no shame in being slow.  There is so much more to see when your pace is slower.  We give all our hikers permission to stop when you’re tired, catch your breath, get a drink of water and sit down if you need to.  We value honoring your body on a group hike, whatever that may be.  We value self care in the outdoors.  You won’t hold anyone back, we will be there with you. Our group hikes are not a race.   We are not there to conquer trails or bag peaks.  We hike to connect with ourselves, each other & nature.  No one is left behind!

Q:  Where can I buy plus size outdoor gear?

A: This is a huge barrier for many people.  Finding the right gear, or any gear that fits is so frustrating.  We try to support small business/brands when possible.  We’ve compiled a list of some small businesses/brands that have great activewear/gear.  I’m (FGH founder, Summer) a huge fan of Canadian-made Sportive Plus!

Q:  Is there a Fat Girls Hiking Community in my area?734

A:  FGH is based in Portland, OR.  We are creating more FGH chapters. Please be patient with us as we bring you ambassadors & hike leaders that will uphold the FGH mision & values.  We have chapters in 22 cities (as of January 2019)!

For current chapters: https://fatgirlshiking.com/fgh-chapters/