About Us

IMG_5940Summer, Founder / Hike Leader, she/her

 Growing up in rural Minnesota, Summer didn’t hike.  Winters were too cold, summers were too humid & infested with mosquitoes.  Summer & her siblings would explore the woods near their home when their mother instructed them to, “Go out & play!”  Other childhood outdoor activities consisted of family vacations to lakes Up North for camping or road trips to National Parks.  Summer took up photography as a child, taking after her mother who is a professional photographer.  She studied writing & photography throughout high school & college.  Summer earned BA’s in Writing and Women’s Studies with a minor in Studio Arts.  In 2008, she moved to Portland & eventually tried hiking.  At first, she hated hiking.  It was uncomfortable, she was sweaty & could never keep up with others. But eventually, after hiking alone with her dog several times a week, something snapped inside her, something changed.  She fell in love with the air, the moss, the views, the waterfalls, and most of all, the strength that she felt whenever she hiked.  She now enjoys hiking several times a week, taking photographs of amazing places you can only see by walking there. She loves hiking alone and with the Fat Girls Hiking community.  She loves creating community for folks underrepresented in the outdoors & leading group hikes that focus on body liberation, self care and healing with Fat Girls Hiking.  In the fall of 2018 she started traveling North America in a minivan, opening new Fat Girls Hiking chapters & researching ADA accessible trails.  Her goal is to open FGH chapters wherever there is a need/demand for inclusive outdoor community. Summer is a queer, fat, white tomboy femme and feminist that hikes in dresses.


Ginamarie, Merch Queen / Community Member, she/her

I’m Ginamarie…a fat Spanish/Indian woman, domestic goddess, Personal Service Worker/In home Caregiver for adults with intellectual and physical challenges as well as aging adults, soon to be student for the first time in…well a long time, a friend, a crafter, a hiker, FGH community member and now Merch Queen!

Being part of FGH has helped me redefine not only how confidently identify but how I choose to move through my days in my body. I am passionate about our mission and statement to all those who don’t “SEE” us beyond our bodies…as if they are anything but GLORIOUS!! I enjoy sharing our logo not just to show pride in my community but in hopes others see it and either ask questions or look us up because Fat Girls Hiking is a gift of adventure,unconditional love, support and strength!