About Us

IMG_5940Summer, Founder / Hike Leader – Growing up in rural Minnesota, Summer didn’t hike.  Winters were too cold, summers were too humid & infested with mosquitoes.  Summer & her siblings would explore the woods near their home when their mother instructed them to, “Go out & play!”  Other childhood outdoor activities consisted of family vacations to lakes Up North for camping or road trips to National Parks.  Summer took up photography as a child, taking after her mother who is a professional photographer.  She studied writing & photography throughout high school & college.  Summer earned BA’s in Writing and Women’s Studies with a minor in Studio Arts.  She moved to Portland & eventually tried hiking.  At first, she hated hiking.  It was uncomfortable, she was sweaty & could never keep up with others. But eventually, something snapped inside her, something changed.  She fell in love with the air, the moss, the views, the waterfalls, and most of all, the strength that she felt whenever she hiked.  She now enjoys hiking several times a week, taking photographs of amazing places you can only see by walking there. She loves hiking alone and with the Fat Girls Hiking community.  She loves creating community for folks underrepresented in the outdoors & leading body positive group hikes with Fat Girls Hiking.