Fat Girls Hiking merch is back!  We are now doing Item-of-the-month merch sales.  All merch items will be pre-order and shipped 1 week after the end of pre-order sales.  This way, we can place merch orders in bulk.

How it works:

Each month we will release our item of the month.  There is a few color options with sizes from S-6X. You will have until the end of the month to pre-order the item.  We will place our merch order with our vendor on the last day of the month, they require 1 week to fill our order and then we will ship to you.  Pricing is sliding scale.  We want to offer several price points on merch so that more folks can have access.  We want to raise some money with merch sales to cover the costs of opening more Fat Girls Hiking chapters and maintaining the chapters we already have. We are including US shipping costs in the sliding scale option.


Our item of the month is a cotton/poly blend, “unisex,” T shirt in blue, purple or turquoise, sizes S-6X with the “Go at your own Pace” design by Jessica at Fat Designer. @fat.designer on Instagram.





How to order:



Sizing Guide:




Email Ginamarie at