FGH Chapters

Fat Girls Hiking chapters are run by 1-2 ambassadors that lead and organize group hikes and other events in local areas. Each chapter has its own email address which is listed under their city/area where you can also read their bio and see photos of the ambassadors. Be sure to follow them on Instagram and join the Facebook groups as well!

On Instagram:

Atlanta, GA: @fghatl

Bend, OR: @fghbend

Rochester, NY: @fgh_rocny

Lincoln/Omaha, NE: @fgh.link.oma

Denver, CO: @fghdenver

Portland, OR: @fghportland

Houston, TX: @fatgirlshiking_houston

Milwaukee, WI: @fatgirlshiking_milwaukee

Facebook groups:

Missoula, MT https://www.facebook.com/groups/fghmissoula/?ref=share

DMV https://www.facebook.com/groups/605664940208738/?ref=share