Minneapolis, MN

We are so excited to announce as of May 2018, we have a FGH Minnesota chapter! Our amazing ambassadors & hike leaders are Ani & Kathy. They can be reached at fghminnesota@gmail.com! All Twin Cities-area hikes/events will be posted through the main FGH pages.

Ani, she/herIMG_3448(1)

I have always been active, but growing up I never saw anyone who looked like me being active! I was thrilled to see an organization creating spaces that are truly inclusive. As I complete a masters degree in public health nutrition, my passions of fat activism and access to health are intersecting. I want to help everyone feel welcome and be able to participate in movement that makes them happy. I founded the Radical Health Alliance here in MN to do just that, so I am so excited to serve as a Fat Girls Hiking ambassador! I am also a yoga teacher, Health at Every Size and body image coach, and Registered Dietitian-in-training. I can’t wait to hike with you!

image1Kathy, she/her

I’m originally from the east coast and moved to MN in 2003.  Outside of work my hobbies include traveling, hiking, kayaking and playing volleyball.  Being outdoors has always been my place to meditate, to be surrounded by nature, water and beauty.  It’s my happy place, well except for the bugs.  I was fortunate to be born with coordination it made some sports and the outdoors a little less intimidating especially since I was always bigger than my peers, and I have a slower pace than most and that often feels limiting.  Because I am slower, I often hike by myself.  I tend to go to the same trails out of habit and comfort.  I am so excited and grateful to be an ambassador for Fat Girls Hiking here in Minneapolis to explore new hiking trails and meet other awesome people just like me so that together we can explore the Twin Cities and build a community.  Feeling accepted, supported and understood instead of feeling anxious is so incredibly powerful.  Becoming invested, creating relationships, bonding and laughing with one another are what keep me coming back to these kinds of activities.  It creates that sense of community.  By being a FGH Minneapolis ambassador, I hope to help foster that feeling of having a safe and welcoming space you want to keep coming back and looking forward to each month…Together we can climb mountains one step at a time.