Minneapolis, MN

Lindsay, she/her

Hey everyone! I’m excited to be a an ambassador for Minnesota and share my passion for connecting with nature and bringing people together. My family is from Two Harbors, so I find Lake Superior to be my place for peace and comfort. Going for walks has been a hobby all my adult life, as I find it a good time to clear the mind and refocus on what’s important. I have always been in a bigger body and from childhood remember the feelings of being an outsider or that you’re invisible. As an ambassador, I’m looking forward to the opportunities for creating an open, inclusive environment that celebrates self-care and body liberation. One where we can come together to recognize the power we hold within ourselves and the beauty that unfolds when we gather together. The outdoor recreation space can often feel daunting or uninviting to fat bodies, which can lead to being discouraged or feeling uncomfortable navigating these areas and activities. It is my hope and goal to create safe and affirming spaces for everyone, all are welcome! Let’s claim our place and take up space, coming together to enjoy all the beauty that nature has to offer. I can’t wait to meet wonderful new friends, see you on the trail!
Lindsay can be reached at fghmpls@gmail.com

Ani, she/herIMG_3448(1)

I have always been active, but growing up I never saw anyone who looked like me being active! I was thrilled to see an organization creating spaces that are truly inclusive. As I complete a masters degree in public health nutrition, my passions of fat activism and access to health are intersecting. I want to help everyone feel welcome and be able to participate in movement that makes them happy. I founded the Radical Health Alliance here in MN to do just that, so I am so excited to serve as a Fat Girls Hiking ambassador! I am also a yoga teacher, Health at Every Size and body image coach, and Registered Dietitian-in-training. I can’t wait to hike with you!