Minneapolis, MN

We are so excited to announce as of May 2018, we have a FGH Minnesota chapter! Our amazing ambassadors & hike leaders are Ani & Kathy. They can be reached at fghminnesota@gmail.com! All Twin Cities-area hikes/events will be posted through the main FGH pages.

Ani, she/herIMG_3448(1)

I have always been active, but growing up I never saw anyone who looked like me being active! I was thrilled to see an organization creating spaces that are truly inclusive. As I complete a masters degree in public health nutrition, my passions of fat activism and access to health are intersecting. I want to help everyone feel welcome and be able to participate in movement that makes them happy. I founded the Radical Health Alliance here in MN to do just that, so I am so excited to serve as a Fat Girls Hiking ambassador! I am also a yoga teacher, Health at Every Size and body image coach, and Registered Dietitian-in-training. I can’t wait to hike with you!