Lincoln/Omaha, NE

Lincoln/Omaha area hikes will be posted on EventBrite.  Stephanie is the incredible ambassador & we are hoping to add another ambassador to work with her as a team researching & leading hikes & building fat outdoor community in Nebraska.

Stephanie, she/her

I am a woman, feminist, activist, small business owner, mother of three, wife to one & a fat babe. I identify as a pansexual woman, using she/her pronouns. I have three lovely children (ages 9, 5.5 and 3) who keep me on my toes, (three kids in six years does that haha) and keep me motivated to get out and do all the things!
I always enjoyed being outside, feeling the sun on my skin and the wind in my hair. However, I first found my real love of movement outdoors after the birth of my first child. I wanted to show him everything! I wanted to discover so many things with him. We would hike in the North Carolina mountains, walk in town trails, roam parks, harvest at orchards, pick apples, pick berries, do yoga, dance around the living room, whatever struck our fancy. Before my kids and my husband, I was very resolute that I was not an outdoors person. My husband could have his fishing and hiking and fresh air but now, I want to be out as much as possible! This was further made clear during my pregnancy with my third child, I found out I had a life threatIMG-7492ening condition called Placenta Percreta, I faced a 7% chance that I would not survive. But I did. And you guys, life is just too precious and short. We need to be present now, moving our bodies, living our lives, taking up space, getting on trail, living our lives on our terms because it goes so quick. I am honoring this fat body for what it can do now. Right where it is at. Marveling in all that that is. I look forward to seeing you on the trail, Stephanie.