Phoenix, AZ

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Amy (she/her)


Hello! I’m Amy (she/her) a recovering social worker who identifies as first-generation, queer, brown, and fat. I grew up in a chaotic environment, and had limited access and exposure to the outdoors growing up, so I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had in the last several years to get to know my body through being in nature. I’m claiming my space in the world! I’ve loved clumsily navigating my way through beginners trails, and getting to know how my body moves, heals, and grows stronger. Nature makes feel alive and well. It may not always be easy, but the payoff is always therapeutic, healing, and wonderful!

Originally, I’m from the San Gabriel Valley in Southern California, and most recently, I lived in the Bay Area for five years, where I started to “learn to” be outdoors and hike. 

I’ve been in Phoenix since Summer of 2018 (I really miss all the Asian food in CA!), and have found that what I love most about the valley is all the opportunities to get outside and be in nature. I’m looking forward to meeting some awesome people while enjoying all the outdoor space that Phoenix has to offer.

Hiking is fun, but it’s not all I like to do outside! I’ve discovered that I really enjoy: kayaking, camping, and swimming and snorkeling as well! Aside from what I get down to outside, I am also: a textbook Ravenclaw, an Enneagram 2, and an INFJ. I spend a lot of my time watching sports (I love basketball! But I watch just about any sport), hanging with my two senior pups, trying local restaurants (and desserts) with my wife, and reigniting my love of reading and writing.

I’ve been following FGH for a long time, and I’m so excited to be an ambassador in Phoenix! I’m looking forward to meeting folks, discovering new trails and activities, and building an outdoors-loving, supportive community in the valley.