Fat Girls Hiking

Body Positive Hiking Community


Fat Girls Hiking is a diverse body positive hiking community based in Portland, OR.  We are called Fat Girls Hiking because that is who we (the co-founders) are, two queer fat women, who love to hike.  We want to take the shame & stigma out of the word FAT & empower it.  Our motto, Trails Not Scales is to focus on Self Love in the outdoors instead of weight loss.  Trails Not Scales reminds us that the more we hike, the more love we have for ourselves & our bodies just as they are.  We want all people to feel comfortable outdoors & to be able to claim their space on the trail. We believe that folks of all ages, sizes, shapes, races, religions, classes, abilities, genders and sexual orientations should be represented & celebrated in outdoor media. Our community is for those folks who have feel like they don’t fit the typical hiker mold. We encourage & support folks who want to get out & hike, to do so!